Beijing City Rank#1 for overweight children, China’s obesity rate is the world’s highest, organic health living style not happening?

The People’s daily official Weibo has released about China’s obesity rate survey. According to the survey, China’s average obesity rate of about 12%, and the total number of obese people ranked first in the world, including Beijing obesity rate of 25.9%, the country’s “Rank#1”, the second is Hebei, obesity rate of 22.2%, while female obesity rate is higher than men; the third is Xinjiang, the obesity rate is 21.5%. There has no sign to discover organic living style happening.

According to China CDC data, the average waist circumference of Chinese urban men in 1985 was 63.5cm, which is now close to 76.2cm, with a waist expansion of 15%. In addition, the data shows that there are more than 200 million people with hypertension in China, 97 million existing diabetics, and the data also show that 80% of households have excess salt and edible oil intake per capita. specializes in organic health. Please visit for super food selection.