Moringa: Miracle tree for health and beauty

Moringa, Miracle tree, Health, Beauty

Moringa Oleifera also know as the drum stick tree is a famous plant that grows in the Himalayas in northern India. Some people call this tree “The Miracle Tree” and “The Elixir of Long Life” due to its miraculous healing abilities. People all over the world  use this plant in many different forms for health and beauty purposes.

Moringa Health and Beauty Benefits

  1. Moringa contains 46 different antioxidants. Antioxidants help to neutralize the horrible impact of free radicals; because of this it helps us guard against cancer and degenerative diseases.
  1. Antioxidants also help to fight the aging process; so moringa can help your skin to look younger for a longer period of time (as long as you are taking care of yourself in other ways).
  1. It contains 18 different types of amino acids which are important in maintaining protein in the body.
  1. It contains the trace minerals calcium and magnesium which are both needed in the body to maintain strong bones and teeth.
  1. The trace minerals contained in dried and powdered moringa leaves are great for nourishing and rejuvenating skin; because of this fact dried or powdered moringa is used as an ingredient in many beauty products.
  1. Consuming Moringa leaves also been linked to lower blood pressure, improved digestion, improved mood, and even weight loss (who wouldn’t love to lose a few pounds).
  1. It can balance the sugar levels in your body which can be extremely beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes.
  1. Moringa seed oil is great for conditioning the scalp, strengthening the roots and it also stimulates hair growth.
  1. The seeds of the Moringa tree can also purify water. The purer the water that we consume; the better it is for our body.
  1. It also speeds up the wound healing process (That means it could potentially help acne heal faster).

EBZ Lab Experience With Moringa

Our Staff like to drink Moringa tea to get all of its wonderful health and beauty benefits. We drink the Hosannawind brand from Sarah Eve because I was there recently and decided to try out the tea bags in New York.

Before EBZ staff discovered the tea our staff used to buy the powered leaves that were in capsules off the internet and take 2 with food or water everyday.

Now we drink the tea in the morning and night to get as many nutrients as possible during the day. Sometimes we even put two tea bags in one cup of hot water for extra benefits.

The taste of the tea is slightly bitter, it tastes a little like spinach but not really.

To buy this brand or any other brand of Moringa tea search for it on! Have you tried Moringa? If so, what benefits have you seen from consuming Moringa? Share more over our blog with people all around the world.

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