By eating organic cotton to lose weight, such misunderstanding may kill. Organic cotton should not eat!

A 16-year-old girl has abdominal pain, vomiting, after examination found intestinal obstruction, but could not find the cause. Later, the doctor knows that she believe eating organic cotton can reduce weight. The girl has been eating a whole quilt of cotton and scarves, clothes. Doctors pointed out that intestinal obstruction if not dealt with immediately, fear of serious complications such as intestinal perforation, and even cause peritonitis and serious infection, there are death threats. Organic cotton are not suitable for eating!

The girl has acute abdominal pain, vomiting, and has been unable to alleviate, computed tomography found intestinal obstruction. Surgeons saw their intestines swell, but could not find a real structural problem. After 1 weeks of communication between the maiden father, the maiden finally told the truth about intestinal obstruction. She wanted to eat when she was in a bad mood, but felt that her body were over weighted, so she began to eat cotton by imitating the weight reduction method of the foreign model. A whole quilt of cotton was eaten up, and the clothes were chopped and eaten.

Teenage girls in the past six months, often 1-2 weeks only stool once, thought is generally common constipation, later learned to eat cotton related. At present, young girls are no longer abdominal pain, defecation, diet are normal after stopping eating the cotton .

Cotton is the composition of fiber, if eat a small amount of cotton, the human body will not be harmful, but adolescent girls are persistent large consumption, resulting in intestinal obstruction, food can not be properly digested and served in the anus, constipation, abdominal colic and other symptoms. When the intestines are completely blocked, all the food you eat will vomit out. Intestinal obstruction without immediate treatment, serious complications are likely to occur, such as intestinal perforation, which causes peritonitis and serious infections, and death threats. Severe intestinal obstruction may also be due to blockage did not ease, so that intestinal blood flow is not smooth, blood can not supply the gut caused intestinal necrosis.

It is completely absurd to lose weight by eating cotton. Whether it is quilts or cotton wool, are bleached, processed with no nutrition as only the fiber left, so that the fiber is stuffed. With a short period of time may have the effect of space stuffing to replace food and it is not normal. If we want to lose weight, we should consider balanced diet, pay attention to calorie intake and maintain exercise habits. focuses on organic health.See why Cai Yilin can stay at 41 kilos when he eats wildly? Organic Health weight loss and professional dietitian is to maintain the secret of slim.