Organic Moringa powder product review, get organic asap

Organic Moringa powder, Organic asap

Organic Moringa powder has long been known and revered for its many benefits.  It has been discovered in the West, where it is probably best appreciated for its nutritional value.  It is, however, also appreciated for its medicinal qualities and is increasingly being used externally in beauty treatments for the skin and hair.

Moringa Powder Reviews

Zen Principle Premium Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

Zen Principle supports ethical production, including environmentally-friendly and sustainable farming.  According to the packaging, the source of the moringa is the Himalayan foothills, we assume they mean the Indian side.

These leaves are also hand-picked and, again according to the packaging, they are “sun/shade” dried, we’re not sure what, exactly this means in practice other than the fact that the drying process is undertaken at low temperatures to maintain as much as possible of the moringa leaves’ beneficial properties.

The leaves are processed in a facility in the United States, where they are packaged into a resealable bag.  We are unable to see any recycling logo, which is a bit of a disappointment.

Kiva Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

Kiva Organic Moringa Leaf Powder is, as its name suggests, organic, it is also GMO free and raw.  According to the packaging, Kiva is committed to sourcing its products directly from local farmers who work in a sustainable and environmentally-respectful manner.

Interestingly for a company which promotes environmentally-friendly values, we can’t see anything on the packaging which suggests it’s recyclable, but it is decently resealable, by which we mean we’re happy that the resealing mechanism will actually last as long as the product does.

While ethical credentials are always a plus (in our view), ultimately we’re reviewing the quality of the product and we’re very happy with it.  According to the packaging, this product is picked by hand and processed at the lowest possible temperatures to preserve its natural goodness.

Naturevibe Botanicals Moringa Green Leaf Powder

Naturevibe doesn’t really say much about its sustainability credentials but its moringa powder is organic and according to the product information we found, albeit not the packaging, it is fairly traded.  That being so, we’d expect it to be reasonably good on the sustainability and ethical front.

There’s a lack of recycling information on the packaging, which is disappointing, but seems to be par for the course with moringa powder.

Given that Naturevibe seem to use a standard drying technique, we’re guessing that this may be something to do with how they then turn the leaves into powder.  To be honest, you’re probably only going to notice this if you want to take your moringa powder in a thin liquid such as tea or plain fruit juice.  If you put it in a smoothie or food, we doubt you would notice the difference between this and our other brands.

Organic India Moringa Powder

Organic India sells its moringa powder in a tub with a lid you pull off and push on rather than a bag. The packaging is certainly robust and we’d guess it would be less at risk of tearing than a packet.  We’d also guess that the “low-tech” option of a lid has much less that can possibly go wrong with it than the “zipper-type” closures on resealable bags.  On the other hand, it does seem a lot bulkier than an equivalent bag.

On the plus side, even though we can’t see any sign that this packaging is recyclable, we could see it being reused and it certainly seems sturdy enough to be used for storage of food or other items, so, on the whole, we quite like it.

Moving on to the contents of the tub, the quality is everything we’ve come to expect from Organic India, which is a brand we regularly recommend.  Some of you may have read about Organic India running into legal trouble.

The State of California requires companies to display a warning on products which contain more than 0.5 parts per million of lead.  This is 40 times lower than the limit set by NSF International, which is recognized by almost all authorities as the standard setter in terms of food safety.

Royal Life Essentials Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder

Royal Life Essentials is a company which aims to treat its customers like royalty by providing them with the highest-quality products and outstanding service.

The packaging is lacking any sort of recycling symbol, but we haven’t quite given up hope that some day we’ll be able to buy our moringa powder in recyclable packaging.  It does, however, stand up nicely and feels like it will resist tearing.  We’re also happy with the sealing mechanism.

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