Why does Jolin Tsai eat wildly can also maintain at 41 kg? Organic Health weight loss and professional dietitian is to maintain the secret of slim

Good figure, a point by nature, nine points by hard work! Jolin Tsai is also!

Because the pursuit of performance of the ultimate wonderful, she is particularly concerned about their own curves, so also extraordinary out of the Holy Land special efforts! Jolin’s fiber weight loss material is enviable, but she used to use the wrong weight loss method to cause health deterioration, and then look at the dietitian, with the guidance to correct the wrong diet, only to get a real bodybuilding body shape.

Over the years, about weight loss, Jolin also returned to the mean way, in the past has been crazy to lose weight to the body almost bright red light, in the program revealed once because of this, almost let oneself have depression, so she consciously more sense of purpose to tell friends who want to lose weight, do not lose too much weight, has returned to normal diet of her, Now you are thin and healthy and confident. Jolin advised you to plan to lose weight girls should first understand their own physique, and then the right medicine, it is best to find a dietitian to design recipes.

Jolin Tsai’s 3 major weight loss focus

Focus 1. Abandon crazy weight Loss method to help professional di
etitian Jolin Tsai Fixed consulting professional dietitian, diet part will be based on their own physical condition to adjust. Jolin said that now her daily diet is mainly light, follow the dietitian’s advice to quit eating oil, sugar, salt, but also eat meat, vegetables and starch, but weight loss diet also need to be based on each person’s physique, not to follow other people’s recipes indiscriminately. “Each person’s physique is different, the dietitian will be in response to your physique, instruct you the appropriate diet method, my own physique is not to eat too cold food.”

Jolin secretly revealed that he actually love to eat Korean and Thai cuisine, such as stone pot mixed rice, bean curd pot and so on, but these for her body is more easy to fire, so only occasionally cravings.Usually still want to master the most basic principles, less oil, less salt, eat light to make the body no burden, nature is healthier.

Focus 2. Sleep healthier early for at least 7 hour

She also stressed that early sleep is the most simple way to health, although it is difficult to do in the promotion period, but usually can, will remind yourself to try to sleep 6-7 hours! Jolin remind everyone to sleep enough is important, do not let oneself too tired, if often stay up late, people will easily become lower body fat.

Focus 3. Aerobic exercise plus yoga to maintain the slim curve refers to wellness, of course, exercise is not necessary.

Jolin In addition to following the dietary methods recommended by the dietitian, while practicing yoga to maintain a periarthritis and slim figure.During the publicity period because there is a continuous practice dance, so there will be a certain amount of exercise.Usually, she will be fixed to aerobic exercise to increase muscle endurance and lung capacity, such as riding a bicycle, playing badminton, playing billiards, etc., with can increase the softness of yoga, so that she maintains the best posture.
Although everyone thought she was very thin, Jolin only felt that she was “Fit”, just a good proportion.However, she felt that the lines of her legs were full of beauty.

Adhere to the end of confidence will

be more beautiful not everyone likes Jolin, but her efforts, no one will deny.Not only to maintain the figure, in the career efforts are also visible.She is also a singer, fashion designer, flip sugar cake technology is also the industry first-class, Jolin feel that each identity has different responsibilities and pressure, but she is like the stage of performance, like to design their favorite nail polish color, but also like to participate in the production of albums, it is difficult to distinguish which is the favorite, so have to try to do everything well From Jolin’s success, found that the most important thing to lose weight is perseverance.

If there is no persistence of perseverance, after all, can not succeed.For her, fashion is a performance of confidence, whether it is the attitude to life, or the obsession with music, as long as there is confidence is right!

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